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About Us.

ENZED TRADE launched its operations in 1983 under the name Synergic Systems Integrated with the vision of establishing a position of leadershipwithin the rapidly growing Philippine food ingredients industry.

In 1984, the Company became a growing force in marketing imported meat and meat by-products. In the same year, the Company secured an exclusive agency agreement with the biggest meat company in New Zealand called Waitaki International Marketing Ltd

It was also on this occasion that the company adopted a new name, ENZED MEAT TRADE, upon the recommendation of its principal, Waitakienzed logo International, in order to align itself closer to the main traded product – fresh frozen New Zealand Meat.

The meat industry’s demand for diversified sources during the 90’s opened ENZED to more opportunities outside New Zealand. Australia, Europe, North America and lately South America and India became competitive sources for raw materials.

In January 1988, the Company’s name was finally changed to ENZED TRADE considering its diversified activities. The expanded lines of product to-date necessitated the creation of two main Divisions.

The FOOD DIVISION carries meat and meat by-products, meat processing supplies, ingredients such as Textured Vegetable proteins, etc, for the growing demand of the food industry. To date, the Food Division is active in seeking and is open to suppliers of other allied products for the Food Industry.

The Company, in 1999, was appointed by MILLIPORE, a life science organization, to be its Authorized Representative and Distributor of MILLIPORE Products for the Research and Scientific laboratories for the Pharmaceutical, Hospitals and Medical, Food and Beverage, Electronics, Agricultural, Educational institutions, Government institutions and other related industries in the Philippines,

The SCIENCE DIVISION, since then has expanded their product lines to various applications.

The Division is constantly on the lookout for new technologies, products and services that will complement its existing lines or industry related products.

This is what the company strives to do in order to keep them responsive to the needs of their customers and principals in the exciting and challenging years ahead.

A Service Sub-division was also organized for the proper installation and maintenance of the various carried equipment.

In August 2013 ENZED TRADE has incorporated, changing its name ENZED TRADE INC

VISION To be an invaluable partner in the growth of our clients’ business through the reliable supply of high quality products, standard of service and technical support in their production, laboratory and research.


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